Backpack Letter for Families and Staff

As you may know, the New York City Department of Education is continuing its efforts to ensure that the water in New York City schools is safe for students and staff by conducting additional rounds of testing for the presence of lead in the water.

On January 28, 2017, every potential source of water for drinking or preparing food at J.H.S. 25 – Manhattan ( Lower East Side Preparatory High School at 145 Stanton Street Manhattan, NY 10002 ) was tested for lead. The laboratory results showed elevated levels of lead in 4 of the 101 samples taken and tested from outlets in the building.

As a result of the 4 elevated sample(s), the DOE will implement its standard response protocol, which includes removing any drinking or cooking water fixture outlet from service, flushing all or part of the system to eliminate water sitting in pipes overnight, replacing equipment and re-testing after the equipment is replaced. Each affected drinking or cooking water fixture will remain out of service until it is remediated and future testing shows that the water does not have an elevated level of lead. The custodial staff will also continue to flush the water systems on Monday mornings before school starts in order to eliminate water that has been stagnant in pipes over the weekend and to ensure safe drinking water is available for students and staff.

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02.08.2017_M515_M025 Backpack Letter