ESD SVP Letter to Parents

Dear Families,

It is my pleasure to inform you that the New York State Education Department (NYSED) has awarded an Extended School Day/School Violence Prevention Grant (ESD/SVP) to Community School District 31 for this school year.

Lower East side Preparatory High school is one of the schools in District 31 collaborating in this grant. The ESD/SVP grant helps fund the creation of day school and after school programming supporting academic enrichment, technology, leadership skill development, violence prevention, cultural diversity, college/career awareness and readiness, community service, arts enrichment, and recreational/sports programs.

In addition to academic enrichment and support, student programming includes a variety of youth development and enrichment activities during out of school time. Programming provided during the school day focuses on social and emotional learning to support school violence prevention.

The ESD/SVP Grant also recognizes the importance of engaging students and families in the design and evaluation of the program. Parents, students and other stakeholders are encouraged to participate in the program’s needs assessment, design and reflection opportunities. An outside evaluator will provide NYSED and all stakeholders with information and data regarding the grant’s success in meeting its goals and objectives, offer suggestions for improvement and support stakeholders in a meaningful self-evaluation of the program.

We look forward to providing your children with engaging, creative and highly effective programs through the ESD/SVP Grant funding to help ensure their success in school and in life.