Letters to LESP families

Dear Students (and Parents and Guardians): 

Your teachers and I have been discussing how best to support you over the coming weeks. We know how hard you work and how much you care about school. But we also know that we are living through a frightening period, and we want to help keep you, and your families, safe and healthy. 

We have decided that, from Tuesday, March 17, until Monday, April 20 (the end of spring vacation), the following policies will apply in all of our classes: 

·         In-person examinations and quizzes are suspended.
·         Required in-class group and individual presentations are suspended.
·         All assignments, projects, presentations, and take-home examinations may be submitted electronically. 

Over the coming days, we will be advising you about how teachers will post assignments and other materials electronically, either through Google Classroom, or another means. We are also working on plans to assist students who do not have access at home to the Internet or a computer. Finally, we have to make some decisions about how grades will be calculated this marking period and moving forward. These issues will take some time to sort out, but we will keep you posted. 

In short, we are your teachers through thick and through thin. We care about you deeply and wish you and your families good health. 

Best regards,

Mr. Rene Anaya
Lower East Side Preparatory High School