Pick Up/Drop Off Your Stuff!

Dear Students,

Book an appointment here to pick up or drop off stuff at LESP.

Seniors: June 17/18 (Wed/Thur)
Return your textbooks and technology, pick up your senior package and stuff from your locker!

Everyone Else: June 22/23 (Mon/Tues)
Return your textbooks and pick up stuff from your locker. We will most likely be remote in September, so if you need to keep your technology, please do so!

Please choose a 10 minute time slot and commit to it! 
To protect everyone’s health, there will be a maximum of 5 students near the building at a time.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19:
– Do not sign up if you or family members are experiencing or had any symptoms in the last week.
– Wear a mask at all times.
– Stand 6 feet apart in a line.
– Once you are done, please leave quickly!

Friends can pick up your stuff, just make sure you send an email to [email protected] notifying Principal Anaya that it is ok for them to pick up your stuff. Your locker contents may not be stored for September. Please come pick them up on the scheduled days.

Ms. Pritchard, AP